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A Tradition of Love for Pets

My father loved all animals. I still can remember our families first dog Petey. Petey was a white lab that we loved so much. He went every where with us. We played in a field behind our house that was bordered by a cold small creek. He went on all our adventures. Daddy treated him like family. I learned from him the importance of taking care of the small things. Back in the 1960's our dogs always ate the leftovers from our table. They are the proteins, carbs, and vegetables that we had enjoyed. As I reflect on those days, I remember how healthy our dogs were. They lived long lives. Our family was made complete by the pets.

Today, it isn't any different. As a mother, I wanted my sons to the same opportunities that I had. I wanted them to know the joy a pet brings to your lives. As I write this blog, all of our fur babies run through my memories. There is something special about each of them. When they left us, I always cried. They are all missed.

The picture included in this post is a rolling pin from my mother's kitchen. It's a symbol of the past and the future. My mom used this rolling to create delicious family meals. Today we are using this rolling pin while creating treats for our fur babies. I like to imagine that my parents are looking down on us. They would be so very proud of our commitment of healthy treats for fur babies.

Jacob and I are taking the generational love my family has for animals to the next level. We are creating treats that are healthy and natural for your pets. We are excited about this opportunity. We will be also adding products. Our hope is that we can support you and your love for your pet.

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